Keep it burning

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I stopped scribbling letters on this site. I’ve been busy with my work, duties which consumes my whole being. As I continue my day to day basis of teaching, I forget to sustain the pages on this site. I, therefore, conclude, sometimes, when you are overwhelmed by the situation and immediate responsibilities around you, you tend to forget and set aside the passion that is burning inside of you.

I feel guilty…I felt guilty of not writing. I felt that I trimmed down my own branch, the branch to connect with people through written words. I felt sad. Discouragement to write somehow chained my hand to scribble words on the keyboard. Yet, I’m here again. There’s something that needs to be done. Something that will serve as a connecting dot among the people who are destined to read this site.

I feel like I’m a Tabula Raza again, a clean slate.

Once, I let the world crack down my passion. It’s heavy, a heavy burden when you don’t have a back-up.  Your passion could be your back-up. We cannot perfect every move, decision, our work, relationships and everything around us, but one thing that should never be erased in our life…….is our passion.

Your uniqueness. Your purpose. And your life story.

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