I’ve been hearing a lot of love stories, in different circumstances and shapes. Sometimes, you will just be surprised that a spirit of love will just sprout between the two strangers and acquintances. You will never know when it will strike or where it could create an imaginary thread attached to each other’s wrist.
In love there is what you called “Try Again Button” and the “U Turn” flips. Sometimes, you will be hurt from the past relationships however there is a new seedling of affection that will begin to grow. Amongst all the weeds over the backyard or all the troubles and problems and heartaches you’ve encountered, you’ll find a new sprout of plant. You will see its fragility and you will begin to feel something about it, you will start caring for it, you will start protecting it from all kinds of weather and you will start attaching yourself again from it. You will see the weakness you’ve had from your recent attachment, you’ll start improving it again this time. This time to a new seedling of love that starts growing inside of you.
There’s billions of people all over the planet, I bet it is really hard to mix and match. To bring two people together who will be completely the same in pattern. When problem emerges they will stay together as one with their roots dug beneath meters below the ground. It is hard to find people with the same length of root. Sometimes, due to urgency and excitement, people usually involve and commit themselves to other even if they are totally different, they are not the same length. In terms of maturity level, disposition in life, plans and perspectives. This leads to “a separate ways” at the end of their relationship because they are not really match together.
You have to take extra precaution especially if you are from a recent broken relationship. If you feel like you are being in love again or should I say , slowly attaching your emotions again to anyone, make sure you pray for it first. Take time to realize and meditate your situations and your heart. Are you sure it is really love or you’re just seeing him/her as a person who has the same characteristics and personality with your ex? Do you love him/her or you are only taking advantage to replace the broken feelings that you have before? Maybe that affection is just an outer covering but still deep inside you are still mending your broken heart.
It is so nice to fall in love for the first time. However when it comes to the second throw of love, be attentive and focus to the things that surrounds you. It is not all the time a cloud nine moments. The past relationships have been there to teach you something, to improve you in some areas. Make the most of it and learn from it.
Hope to see your love story in a manner of mature content. The love that will grow in a verdant field with its root connected to God. Let Him carve your story. Let Him be the writer because sometimes if we try to write our own, we just hurt ourselves during the process.
Time to pause. Inhale and exhale.
With the blessing of God, bless your heart all the time. ♥️😇


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