Love Story: 55 years and still counting

I often write about love story but it doesn’t mean I’m against the idea of falling in love. I know that love is a great feeling. Humans are lucky to have that principle of love; to express love to someone and be reciprocated by any means.
From an observer’s point of view, I’ve concluded that love  can stand the test of time. Can you imagine spending  55 years together with your someone today? Hmmm. That’s five and a half decade right? But I’ll tell you, it is possible. My Lolo (Tatay) and Lola (Nanay) are the legendary example of this couple. Well, maybe cupid throws a gigantic arrow that collides their hearts until now. Amazing!
Maybe love is not only the key word for a long lasting relationship , trust and commitment also speaks loudly to the   “How to stay in love ?”  folder saved in your computer. I’ve read and browse magazine and articles prompting the idea about love. And that’s enormous. It’s like a file of laws, culture, ordeals, thoughts, beliefs, oracle and a lot more. But one thing is for sure…love is a gift from God. You can’t love  someone if no one shows you what love is. It’s a gift. An amazing love.

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