MT. MACULOT (Cuenca, Batangas)

“Let the stone rolling, flip it, throw it, twist it and give it a shot.”
Since then, old times is never as good as trying the most fertile pedagogy of chances and luck. You just have to give it a shot and gear yourself with rubber shoes and inspiration to keep going.
Here I am again sharing one of my amazing trip and nudity experience with the mountain  and sky.
For those who are still on their stage of convincing themselves to put away their high heels for a summer get away, hopefully this feature article will quench your reservations in drafting a new canvass for summer memories.
Mt. Maculot, a green land shaped at the navel of Batangas City.  From Metro Manila, you have to ride a bus from Cubao Terminal  (Fare: Php 186)  going to South and immunized yourself for a 2-3 hours until you reach Cuenca, Batangas. The trip itself while your inside the  bus (near window pane ) already introduces the pure bliss and greenery-strokes of cute mountains. We decided to do a day-hike, thus needed to  wake up early in the morning. The fog seems indulging, cold breeze was tolerable yet the weather needs to be observed still when we arrived near 7-11 Cuenca. At 8:15 am we arrived by tricycle at the Barangay Registration Booth (Registration Fee: Php 20 ). The locals and Barangay officials offer tour guide Php 800 per 5 persons. According to the LGU officials I spoke to, they established the orders for acquiring local tour guide due to some incident of lost and accident while trekking along the mountains. Well, for safety purposes…It’s good to avail one.
After registration, tricycle (Php 30 – from Highway)  will drop you to Major Jumpoff : Mountaineer’s Store,  Brgy. 7 “Siete”, Cuenca.

“This banner will solidify your thoughts and will really ignite your guts to thrust your feet on the mountain’s trunk.”  Posted at the major jumpoff where you can freshen- up  and attend for your personal needs before starting the trek.

Trail head. It will be tough yet beautiful and fantastic day. So gonna keep going! Yeah!

Mt. Maculot has been known to hikers beacause of it’s terrain steepness, diverse vegetation and forest canopy. For in fact, it’s the second highest mountain in  Batangas, 930 meters above sea level.   The mountain has three destinations: the famous Rockies (706m), the summit (930m) and the Grotto (510m).
The first stop. We will ROCK the ROCKIES!!!

Although weather never kisses us back with sunshine. This does not mean we will surrender and lessen the excitement we felt.
A minor swithback in hiking trail is establish. The zigzags and steepness will boost your eagerness to climb  even higher.

You will be able to witness union of land formations and  tiny famous  Taal lake.

Scenic views of Taal Lake, rock formations, forests and mossy-blended natural resources.
Fragmented ropes all over the mountains will be helpful most especially on the terrain and elevated sanctuary of the mountain.

Fitness and cardio-exercise will be seemingly a pre-requisite and requirement especially when you’re going to indulge in this kind of outdoor activities which involves a lot of walking and trekking.
10400194_996430527097638_8964764547949778792_n - Copy

Indicator that you’re reaching Rockies are tents that looks like colorful mushrooms. You can eat your lunch at Campsite. From campsite, 15 minutes away will be the much awaited-Rockies.
Resting behind my back is the Rockies. Edges and cliffs of the mountain will surely hit your steem to join and experience the contours.

According to our locale tour guide Kuya Amads; Mt. Maculot is originally named Mt. Maculog (means thunder) because of the frequency and occurence of thunder and lightning in the archipelago.

We decided to take traverse, thus after Rockies we gathered  and prepared  ourselves for an additional hour of  climbing up to the Summit.
Mountaineers will never be denied by their biological and physiological needs. Locals has built a rest-room. It’s primitive yet  brings comfort.

Yeah!!! We’re at the peak! Summit! It seems like hugging the clouds since rainfall passes us by. Though were wet and freeze by the cold wind, it’s never been an hindrance to pose and smile. The struggle is all paid off. HAAAAYYYY! Heaven.

Rappelling to descend and reach the Grotto.

12122706_1101231859907080_6305826454442467759_n - Copy

It weighs nothing cause I’m happy and fulfilled. It’s the Grotto station where you can see at the back the mountain we had climbed. Yup! Amazing!

This muds and dirt will fade away yet our memories will remain for a lifetime.

Thank you for reading this travel article. SEE you again! Salamat!

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