Mt. PICO DE LORO : Kissing the clouds above

Hiking at Mt. Pico De Loro is the perfect get away from the noisy city and stressful everyday working activities. Here you will have a chance to kiss the sky above and feel the freezing dew on the top hill of your nose. The place is just 2 hours away from Manila, so even in your weekend you can enjoy grasping the mountainous thrilling traverse of the mountain.
Mount Pico de Loro, also known as Mount Palay-Palay, is a dormant volcano in Cavite province on the island of Luzon, Philippines.
Okay, let’s try your artistry. Can you see the “parrot’s beak”?  Spaniards sea-farers named this mountaion as  Mt. Pico De Loro because of its pointed summit resembles as shape of parrot’s beak. Well, I admit. I have a hard time to figure it out as well. HAHA!
Before I flip the pages and flying information about the mountain. Let me tell the story of why and how I get there.
Last November 29, 2015, with my colleagues we’ve tried to unravel the distinct force to try something new. Away from the city, away from everything. I’ve searched and consulted google, blogs and youtube. Find the best itinerary and guides through reading articles. Convince and persuade travel buddy with Dhianne as the prime promoter of the adventure.
From Bulacan and Valenzuela, we’ve fly-off to Coastal Mall Pasay and took the bus ride to Ternate, Cavite. Amazingly, almost 3/4 of the passengers in the bus are all heading to Mt. Pico De Loro also (because in the 30th of November is holiday) . So, from original fare of Php 81.00 we are offered by the bus driver an additional Php 90.00 and we will be drop off to the mountain tip itself, where the hiking starts. With further “tawaran” made by my travel mate Dhianne, the price is still Php 90.00. Haha! Atleast she has the guts to try his money-management-auditor of the group.

Here’s my team. Though all novice, we are inspired to reach the top. Abegail Guarnes wearing striped-black and white sweat shirt, Dhiane Guanzon on the narrow end, Mhae Quinones at the left side with her wooden monopad (haha!) and of course me at the center, your’s truly Gemma Villamayor.

Prior to swagging our feet to the mountain starch, we are required to pay registration fee to DENR amounting at Php 25.00 From there, DENR personnel are offering tourguide that will cost you Php 1,000 and above depending on the number of person in your group.

At 7:30 am when dew and misty wind breaks, we started to roll the dice and rip our feet off the groud. Starting of long walk and drizzle of sweat that no other physical activities could offer.

We spend tramping  in just one hour yet it feels so good especially when you are with your good friends.

Were almost there!!! WOOOAHHH! I can now eat the frozen fog and low lying clouds. It’s been a great walk though from time to time the small amount of rain falls and wind shocking off the bush and trees.

Finally at 10:30 am we have reach the camp site!


A lot of hikers are already at the site when we got there. And it feels like home. Knowing that all are with the same aspiration as yours, to travel  and explore.

From that very moment, captured by the lenses…I FEEL LIKE FLYING! I am amazed by the beauty and captivating gift from God. The nature is so welcoming, it drives my breath and soul. I’m soaring up high!

For those who wants to try soul searching. I recommend this high level mountain to you. Where trees, rocks and clouds knows how to symphatize  with you. HAHA. No kidding, peace of mind will wrap at you once you are there. No stress. Just the amazing view below.

Those smiles says “IT”S ALL WORTH IT ! “


The game is still on.  We need to reach the summit and climb the rocky peak of the  monolith. See. I’m eyeing on it.

It will took us 15 minutes reaching the summit according to some people who had finish the trek. But before that, we have to take our lunch first, and be refreshed  before shifting into another thrill.


The steep climb to the summit is an advance trail to the monolith  (single stone). Its a 50-feet single pillar of stone bridging to the summit.  Well, its no other than the highest peak in Cavite!!!


Who could imagine, shoes also took selfies! HAHA

Were at the summit peak and kicking!

With the other hikers who drained their energy to witness the view down there and rejuvinized by the powerful cold wind above. Practically, they were looking at the monolith and convincing themselve to try the breath taking climb.

By the way, these photos were took by Abegail who was left at the summit because she was attacked by her fear of heights (acrophobia).
We’ve reached  the peak of the monolith! Im so proud. Though at first I feel like my stomach is rambling because of the steepness and rocky edges  I manage to collect my thoughts and do the task. A rope is used to climb the peak. And thank you to our guide, Ariel (one of the native resident of the place) who takes all his power to lift us.

At 3:00 pm we are heading the traverse and descend to the mountain. We are assisted by our tour guide Ariel. We paid Php 500 for the tour fee.
At 4:30 pm were at the highway already.  Tricycles are offering rides for Php 150/head to the Nasugbu Terminal. But before that we took the opportunity to droped off to KAWA FALLS. No fee is collected.
We arrived at Nasugbu Terminal at 6:20 pm and drived us back to Manila at 9:00 pm. We have paid Php 94 to Sta. Cruz, Manila.
It was an amazing experience. It’s priceless. Another adventure to come. See you and thank you Mt. Pico de Loro for the picturesque view and nature!

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