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Morning breeze nudging me to stay alert because perhaps boat will speed me off and I might dive at the edge and find myself floating along the river. My number 1 concern is, my passport and my laptop that contains my grades and other school documents : )  Call me loyal for not prioritizing my safety, well maybe, I might be. : )

Just a brief background, I travel by boat. Yes, a teacher in the city of Bangkok is being transported by a cool, wooden boat. Traversing along the Rhamkameng area to Italthai, that’s around 20 mins ride. Splashing of water like a morning blessing, the rustling of people and narrow space for me to stand – my daily routine : ) But, I could say I’m favorable with my current strategic location, accessible and easy to travel…plus the fare is a bit cheaper.

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I enter the school ground with so much enthusiasm on my face. Cheering and greeting children of various race. ‘Ohayo Gozaimazou’, ‘Namaste’, ‘Sawahdeeka’ and simple Hi and Hello.

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Sip my coffee. Print some teaching materials and head to my 1st class.

And swoosh and swaaasssh, the teaching lasts until my 6th and 7th class. I might be experiencing the same situation with many teachers out there where work becomes exhausting and overwhelming. Some might lose their hope cause children’s achievement and progress don’t fit on the standards set by the school and by the teachers’ expectation himself.

Do you know what I learned? We, teachers, are not magicians, expecting a result and surprise at the glimpse of an eye. Instead, teaching is like planting, we plant the seed in fertile soil ( conducive classroom environment), water it ( academic and values ), uprooting weeds ( bad behavior that prevents them from maximizing their learning potentials) and waiting for it to grow, to nourish and to bear their own fruits.

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