NALALATA FALLS: Exploring my hometown's hidden sanctuary 😊✔️💯

” The clouds seems like dancing. Let’s take a walk ! ”
Perhaps, waterfalls is not an ordinary destination  for spending leisure time for some Filipino natives. In fact, our archipelago is covered by numerous waterfalls. Where thick and tusks of green grass, rock formations and  bluish  lagoon amidst mountains were splendidly combined to satisfy our own wander lust.
I will personally recommend to all who wants to taste serenity to try one of this amazing waterfall  I’ve visited recently with my family. NALALATA FALLS. This is located at Bula, Camarines Sur (Bicol Region), just 2 hours away from Naga City (Capital). If you’re still calculating the distance and kilometers away from your town and solidify boring classroom or sluggish office aura. How about using your ultimate bestfriend…Google map.
Well, I believe you’re also wondering why the place is so called- Nalalata Falls. Hmmmm…in my own point of view, it is somehow named Nalalata because of its “canned-shape-container”. You can visualize it once your feet are rooted at the center of the amazing plateau of the place. Then, look up and gaze the mossy-green-trees swaying with a lovely breeze. Make a paronama view, 36o degrees as exact. Eureka!
Here are some the captured photos. Hope to see you smilling!
(Credit: Cousin  Ever for the astonishing lively captured photos. )

It’s been a while. Go and enjoy the freezy ice flakes of waterfalls.

Yeah right! You’re seeing now the place of a wardrobe of amazement.

This makes me wanna sing…” I’m just a little bit caught in the middle. Life is a maze. Love is a riddle. Just enjoy the show! The sun is hot in the sky just like a giant spotlight. The people follow the sign and syncronize in time. It’s a joke nobody knows. I’ve got a ticket to that show!”

Fun is impeccably visualize when  you’re embrace by good thoughts and beautiful family!

It’s a passage. Paying a fee Php 25/head is worth as jumping in a cliff with your parachute.

Growing old is never been an hindrance to try things with your beloved.

It’s your chance to take your selfie-shots. Weird. Kinesthetic. Jump shot. Girly stuff. It’s your choice. Nature will be your beauty-laden background.
10584039_10208624470114905_3598996870538686923_n10574313_10208624476915075_4262512414348031459_n10574460_10208624422353711_3098552405634714017_nDSC_0467At the end. We’re all an amazing sculptures by God, waiting to be placed at our own zenith. High up to the sky, to the deepest of the ocean, and to the wondrous love of family. This place is a slice of heaven.

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