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Hello! Welcome to my blog.

Let the truth and unspeakable joy be upon as you come to visit and read every article written with love and compassion. The innermost feelings, thoughts and experiences compiled in a way that brings out positive vibes, motivation, strength and hope. My personal experiences, adventures, travels and deep love with God became the inspiration as my pen remains scribbling as of today. I have found my purpose here on Earth and still working for it. May you find yours as well. The God’s perfect will and plan for your life.

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Picking up Stones

Today, as we strive on our way for work, for our daily activities and our responsibilities. Just be reminded that every inch of our journey and pathways are made up of different shapes, colours and sizes of stone. Sometimes, it could be vibrant, others …

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Before the sun greets you today with a morning sunlight, before the darkness fades away, before the earth blooms once again, before you wiggle your sleepy head and before everything comes to lign up again in your to do list. All I desire is …

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Feeling Empty?

In our entire life, there is a huge space for laughter, loneliness, fulfillment, sadness, gratitude, appreciation, wisdom, emotions, fully charged-atmosphere but sometimes emptiness. Yes. Sometimes, it will just knock you down several times that you will forget the whys and hows to stand up. …

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