Picking up Stones

Today, as we strive on our way for work, for our daily activities and our responsibilities. Just be reminded that every inch of our journey and pathways are made up of different shapes, colours and sizes of stone. Sometimes, it could be vibrant, others could be dark in colour. It could also be small or big, rough and smooth, light or heavy. Whatever it is, be smart on choosing which stone to pick up. Understand that life has given you a multifarious a,b,c and d and so on…

You are about to make a choice today. Like picking up stones. Do you choose happiness over sadness? Clarity over ambiguity? Freedom over chains? Love over hatred? People’s clamour over your own peaceful perspective? Journey over bondage? Waiting over rushing? And lastly, being yourself over pretending to be someone else?

Yes. You are about to choose today. I prayed that we will be all smart in doing this process. 😊


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