Pointing out the similarities of Christian life and the recent concluded RIO Olympics category race

My social media timeline today seems like a boring old-folk-songs. Everything sings the same lyrics. The same old tune. Almost all FB users became vain and focuses always on their personal stigma.  Fond of sharing their judgmental thoughts and mocking other people. Making themselves as the center of the universe and creating  walls of desperation. Practically, saving the limelight and fame on their own tiny little boxes. Nothing is new. Nothing is inspirational. No compassionate words in the playlist. UNTIL….I happened to browse a news about the RIO Olympics. It really moved me and painted a smile on my face. There it goes, what I’ve been looking for was wrapped in an extraordinary moments in a 5,000 meter dash category in RIO.
When you happened to fall from the ground and you don’t expect anyone to help you but in an amazing busy and crucial world there comes a helping hand. What is more interesting about this is the person who reaches out for your hand is completely a stranger and a competitor in a certain race. How will you react on that?  Well, the Utopian-helping-scheme was simply put into spark by these two athletes from USA and New Zealand. Amidst the thrill and pressure of the lifetime race in RIO Olympics, they have demonstrated the true essence of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Nikki Hamblin (New Zealand) had accidentally fell down on the rage of the race, she expects no one to help her. She instantly visualized her loss. Nevertheless, from that moment of injuries physically and emotionally, a helping hand appeared. D’Agostino (USA) had stopped amidst the race to help Hamblin get up to her feet and finish the race. However, because of the injury acquired she stumbled in the ground and feel the soothing ache on her limbs. She refused to stand up and just insisted  D’ Agostino to finish her own race. The lovely thing about this is that instead of leaving the injured athlete, D’ Agostino speaks words of encouragement.
‘Get up, get up! We have to finish! ‘Go on, go on, I can’t put weight on my knee, I don’t know if I can run, but please keep going, keep going’..
            Keep going. This word really moved me. In times of downfall, it is a heartwarming word to hear. When we see things falling apart, it is somehow the most precious word to continue and fix everything. Sometimes we all just need a helping hand to capitalize on our brain and heart that we can expel any disappointments and trials along the way. It is just like in our Christian life, everyone is not exempted to feel a raging storm along the way, even Pastors does not have a free pass for this. Calming the storm is the most authoritative skills we should have as a Christian. We have the authority over our feelings and emotions. So as the authority to lift others who are losing the battle against evil and temptation. It is somehow an awesome feeling when we see our brothers and sisters united and fixing the rust before it’s too late. It is our own freedom to help; through our words of encouragement and letting your life speaks the blessing of the Lord. I believe that what’s on your heart are reflected in your everyday actions and interaction towards people.
To wrap all of this, although the American athlete had loss her chance to bring home medal from RIO; it doesn’t mean she lose instead she GAINED a lot. Sometimes the most inspirational moments in life doesn’t involve any medals and praising from the crowd. The most precious thing in the world is following what is rightfully right in the eyes of the Lord.

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