REAL TALK: Only few will truly appreciates you

We’ve been living in a society where approval and appreciation are simplified into likes and follows in instagram, facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Sometimes you feel like you are loved by simply gathering “heart emoticon” from your post. You feel like you are somebody based on the numbers of likes and reactions from your recent updates on facebook and instagram. You will be actively enjoying the reply button on comments that boast your confidence. You keep on clicking the refresh button or notification button hoping that there’s still be more likes and comments to feed up your self-appreciation level. To feel like you are loved and liked by people that surrounds you, people who are only present on that blue screen.
On the other hand, you will feel a sudden sadness when you did not meet the usual number of likes and reaction on your recent timeline and post. There’s an emotional bargaining that is happening inside of you. It seems like your happiness and type of mood depends on the approval and appreciation of the people from your outside environment. That is why mostly you will feel unloved.
Don’t you know that there is only few people who will truly appreciates you? Yup. Only few. So, you have to be aware and smart in knowing the true people that will bring out the best on you. These people usually are not your instagram likers, these people are just there sitting on your dine table, waiting for you. Your mom and dad, your sisters, brothers and your whole family. There is also only few of your friends who will going to support you because some of them are only what you so called acquintances. If you have already find those real ones who stand the test of time…treasure them.
You will never going to reap appreciation if you never sow anything like this. Meaning, learn to appreciate the people around you. Don’t be selfish, don’t be self-centered. If you feel like you are being inspired by a certain person, even he/she is younger than you. Well, time to take that pride off…make a conversation with him/her. Tell these people directly how they moved you or how amazing they are. Don’t be stingy in sharing and telling words of encourangement and appreciation. They won’t fail you, they will become an engine towards becoming a self-reliant and happier version of you.
Appreciate others more. Appreciate yourself less. Like a happiness chain, we are connected to bring forth joy.
God loves you! Hundred fold than your treasured likes on fb.

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