Rediscovering River Kwai and its historical bridge; Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Writing something with the context of culture and history is somehow difficult especially if it has an huge emotional impact or historical significance to the locals or community.
Today, I am just so privilege to write about the magnificent view of River Kwai and its Thai Burma Death Railway Bridge.
This bridge bears a huge historical impact and memories both to Thai and Burmese people.
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The place and the stories will totally brings you back in time.


Passing train while tourist took their chance for a snap shots.
The picturesque view could somehow hides the meaning and memories especially if you are only there to take photos and upload it to your instagram account and gain hundreds of likes out of it. But if you are someone who is willing to learn more insight and deeper understanding about this nation’s top destination; definitely you’ll have a more vivid learning about this Thai landmark and its significance.

River Kwai Incl. Lunch

Step in to its wonders and  wanders and wondrous stories.
The impressive structure serves as a memorial to the thousands of prisoners of world war during 1943. It was built to connect Thai and Burmese railways and support the Japanese occupation of Burma. Thousands of prisoner died while building the railway. Hence, you’ll get to see and have an access to JEATH War Museum and Allied War Grave cemetery which presents and commemorate the soldiers and builders who died during that time.
This is one of the popular tour travels from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi—a distance of about 80 miles (130 kilometers). Special place for those who love history and who enjoys listening to historical events.
History is a great part of what we have nowadays. These places are just among millions of landmarks that tell us to appreciate the convenience of life that we are enjoying. As a traveler, it is also advisable to respect those places that has a historical significance among the locals.
This adventure makes me think that Asians are really resilient in terms of every battle they are facing. They strive and take stand even after their lowest downfall. These places just embraced my understanding that even if the past seems so melancholic, there comes the time where people will unitedly rebuild their nation.
As a result, these places became one of the top tourist destination in Thailand. They try to make the whole experience something enjoyable to tourist. They rebuild Kanchanaburi into a place not as a memory of the past but as a community that promotes its nature’s best and breath taking tourist attractions.
Here you will find cottages built along the River Kwai where tourist could relax and eat.





With the learning and amazing views were ready to set off and say good bye to this famous landmark and scenery.


We’re among those tourist who has just immerse from the events back in time. Hoping to see your travel stories as well.
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