Samae Beach, Thailand; A perfect and fun formula for the scorching 35 degree Celsius summer wave.

It’s  summer time! Haha. I know all of you since month of January steps in the calendar, your mind has already consuming the idea of summer. As the sun rises especially in tropical countries like Thailand and Philippines, you can’t help to visualize yourself in a boat sailing nearby the seashore where the coconut trees greet  you as they seemingly points their leaves toward the sea. The cool sensation of the ocean you find shared by your friends online makes you feel..Arrrrrrghhhh! And ask yourself, why I didn’t give myself a break from this pile of paper works? Haha! The natural remedy is Vitamin SEA.
I could feel all sentiments in this area because I know all of us could experience as if our work everyday could squeeze all the hydrogen in our body and replace all of it by stress. So, it’s better to give ourselves a break…a vacation break. HAHA!
I always love doing personal write-ups about the  places I’ve been blessed to set my feet into. Mostly, the things that interest and motivate me involves the green mountains and the all shade of blue for sky and sea. Well, all the situation, people  and opportunities lead me to discover one of the island here in Thailand — Samae Beach. It is one among the most fined sand white beach in Koh Larn, just a one ferry away from Pattaya City.
This white sandy beach reflects the clear all shades of blue water which attracts more tourist to simply stay on this part of Koh Larn. This beach is visited by 800 to 3000 people a day during the peak of summer season and most especially became more popular during Songkran as holiday sweet haven away from the busy life in the city. There are common mode of transportation you could choose if you want to explore the whole island. If you want to go to Samae Beach, you could either rent a motorcycle (if you know how to drive), this will costs you 300 baht (whole day use ) or ride a “songtew” from Na Ban pier for 50 baht.The cost of each beach chair is from 50 to 100B for all day. It is easy to treat your tummy after the tiring playing with the waves because there are variety of food stalls along the beach. You can also bring your own food if you want. This beach measures 537 meters long, so you will not be bored while taking a stroll along the white sandy islet.  There are plenty of activities here such as jet ski, banana boat and snorkeling.
This were among the scenic photos as an evidence that Samae is really worth to visit.
Of course it is a boring if you travel alone, so to savor the beach  experience to its maximum level…why not do it with your friends?
Take the most opportunity to have a group picture before riding the ferry in the most famous selfie location where you could find the word “Pattaya City”  embedded in a giant letters. Of course, don’t take so long because if you want to maximize your stay in the beach you have to catch the first trip 7am ferry boat. It will also cost you 30baht.
The most fantastic emotion while  riding the ferry is that as if you are leaving the highly-and-well burst busy city  as you were drifted away from the shore.  You could see these buildings appear like floating paper crafts in the water as we wave good bye from the demanding society were into. Haha! A time to relax starts right now!
The long wait is over. Time to beat the heat and feel the energy vibrated from the sea.
Taking jump shoot can never be placed in our grandmas’ old wardrobe box. Haha!
Girly stuff on the go! Haha! Since we all dreamed to be a model in our own ways.
The childish pose will never be enough to contain the joy in our hearts. Some acts like a ninja flying in the air with kicks and ninja moves we could create. Haha! How awesome it is. By the way, thanks to our photographer.
What a nice thing it is to stay up close with this dog. We never know whose the owner of this welcoming-cutie dog but it is so amazing how the dog manage our laughter and curiosity with him without being alarmed by his own safety. As if it is his way of life in the beach…to entertain visitors.
Through out all the complexity of life we came from, we have find a natural relief that no restaurant or malls or clubs could compare to. The cool breeze, the mountains and the sea water itself bring a great impact of calmness and peacefulness in our minds.
So what are you waiting for? Time to reward yourself with a dose of Vitamin Sea. Hahaha!

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