SENORITY: Appreciation clogging within a workplace

Is it so hard for you to show and say words of appreciation especially if your colleague is a decade younger than you? Is there a deep clogging of words that is happening within your throats? Your mind tells you that your subordinate has a better version of idea and timely applicable in a situation yet deep within you refuses to accept things coming from these people.
You are observing that the new hired fresh graduate has the potential and skills. He excel in an area which is unfortunately your weakness. Everyone is commending and appreciating that colleague through emails, bulletin posts, tap on the shoulder, meetings and other gatherings. But on that very corner, while the rest of the crowd is celebrating for the company’s success, you choose to be alone. You just stand still and stare. A smile yet unfresh and dry has come out to your lips. You never try to congratulate and appreciate the work of others. But yeah, you also take a great thumbs up on people who are older than you but on younger ones, you never bothered to take a second glance.
You know what is funny? Everyone of us can be a victim and at the same time doer of this appreciation clogging. We see people who are good in certain things, we’re seeing them on their daily working routine maybe on social media as well. But, eventhough we love what we are seeing, jelousy and senority culture just so powerful. It attacks your system. Sense of contentment is still wobbly in your spirit, you want what they have right now. You desire to be at their age and improve your past walks and decisions you’ve made. Instead of holding them up as their senior, you make a baricade. You block the chances of knowing them better.
Does it feel right when you try to rotten those words of appreciation inside of you? Is is normal? Does it make you happy?
I completely disagree.
We are made to bless and appreciate one another. We are created to show kindness and be a source of motivation.
Don’t you know that when something is not release or you hold grudges within you, your body system will definitely malfunction. From your heart beat, blood circulation, your nervous system and the smallest cells living inside of you.
For a better life, live healthy. Live harmoniously with the people around you.
Appreciate others more.
Appreciate yourself less.
A way for a happy life.
God’s love ❤️
Gemma 😊

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