Set off 👣 But don’t leave your heart behind ♥️

Hmmm. It’s been a busy week for me. A lot of things and issues on my mind swoosh like a train, passing by but at the end relief comes. I come to think that life must always be ready for a set off. It’s my realization that no matter how confident or stable we are today, our wings should be always ready to flap and fly.

We should never be afraid to step forward. Perhaps, you are experiencing a massive turbulence in your mind today because something must be ready to set off. Something needs your decision right away or maybe waiting for your answer.

Setting off maybe on your career, relationships, education and other aspects of your life. Set off means achieving and doing more than your usual phase. It also means to let go of what is present and move on to the next level.

I don’t know about the issues and situations you have right now. About the things you need to decide or to choose from. But one thing should always be present in all the aspect of your decision making…it must be your heart. Your happiness and passion must be timely present in all the things you are doing.

It is your heart. That lies beneath your breathing chest. Your love for things you’re indulge to. Your love that will give strength whenever something’s fail in your life. Your love for your own craft.

Go for it.
Step forward.
Level up.
Achieve more.
Set off.
But don’t forget your heart. ♥️
God bless!

Gemma 🙂

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