First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.
Elliott Abrams

Definitely, you are not alone. You are living in a society filled with different people with their unique qualities and personalities. Thus, it is normal for you to throw comments and first impression on people you just met. This falls to either positive or negative judgments.
Yup. In some sort we’re all become the judge and the victim in different situation. Commonly, we gather our first impression on people base on their looks, the way they behave, clothing, the way they speak, body language and gesture.
A valid example is your first day in a job. You’ll have your first impression starting from the guard on duty while you step on the company or workplace’s gate. Whether he greets you or just ignore your presence has an impact on how you perceives his personality. Then to your workmates with varied personality as well, depends on how they treat you at the very beginning of your stay. Up to your boss and management personnel then stream down to all other people who are part of the community. Every single one of them, you will have your first impression. It’s either positive or negative.
The most exciting thing on this meet and greet impression test is that you are also being observe by these people. At the same time they also judge you and have a comment on you based on your looks…that’s how they also produce their first impression towards you.
Do you know what I’ve learned just recently? It feels so good when you share your first impression to other people, especially the person who is involve. Sharing this thought is incredibly fun thing to do if you have already spend some time with that person. Not perfectly know him/her but at least you’ve shared stories and moments together. Then at that moment, your sharing will just be filled with laughter and appreciation because somehow your first impression about him/her is totally different on his/ her true personality. There is also instances that because of our senses and quick mind, we judge people so easily…mostly negatively. Thus these negative traits you have list down on your mind about that person will automatically shut down once you spend time together.
On the positive note, sharing your first impression especially those positive words and traits will reinforce your bond and self-worth. How? By human perspective, we have that unseen personality that resides within us. We cannot see, appreciate or observe it by our own eyes. However people from the outside will recognize it and if communicated to you through sharing will somehow increase your appreciation to yourself; and vice versa.
Positive things. First impression. It will all start at the first meeting. Consuming our thoughts with positive vibes. At the end…positive life. 😊
I’m excited to hear about your first impression to the person sitting beside you.
Just tell him/her. Maybe, it will lighten up his/her day.
God bless!

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