Speak blessings through your smile

It is so nice to see people who smiles a little bit bigger than usual. Who has that spirit of joy that transcends good vibes in the surroundings. Those people who chooses to smile and greet his beloved and co-workers or peers with a huge compassion and greetings. This wonderful action paints the world with colourful hue.

Your smile is a blessing! It is one of the most precious thing you could share to people. A blessing that showers comfort and joy and sprinkled it to other living souls. Perhaps, they are out there with that heavy baggage of problems but with that smile of yours, it uplift them.

You will never know how far and how deep you could affect individuals through your smile. It could turn black into white. It could change bad vibes to positive one. It could bring back love and joy and happiness on the spot.

Your smile means a lot.

It just portrays the love of God that overflows within us.


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