Sunrise ❤️

A new day has come to add to your memories today, to your stories. A new day to celebrate. As the morning sunlight beams to your cheeks, it gives an additional energy for you to make a new start. Maybe, you have plans ahead. You scribbled your “to-do-list” or in contrary you just cuddle your pillow and bury your hibernating body to your bed…plan to do nothing since it’s weekend. Whatever your plan is, remember that this morning has fought the darkness last night just to see you today with that ray of light on your face.

A new life. A new journey. A new hope.  A new chance. A new storyline.

If yesterday you’ve caught in a situation that  ruined your mood or you’ve been in a very problematic situation…maybe this is your best day. Ahhh..nope. Declare it that this will be your day! There is power in declaration. There is power in believing. There is power in prayer.

There’s no similar days in this world. Everything is different for you to discover. If you’re losing your hope, if your are dreaming for something to happen, if you are planning to do something…the best day to do it should be YESTERDAY. But, today….is still a great day for you to accomplish something productive and with quality with your heart in it.

A sunrise serves as a new hope. Dreams and declaration. That as a human, there’s still imperfection in our hearts, mind and in our life yet there’s still a chance to refine it.

Get up! And make the best out of it!

Good morning from the East, to the West and to the North down to the South!



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