Teacher’s Table

Teacher’s table. Teacher’s world. Teacher’s point of view.

Breaking up words. Nudging wonderful brains. Making the most of the time. Teaching, speaking, understanding and breaking the rules of abound.

I’m not quite sure how those tiny worlds fly across the room.

They were dancing. They were maneuvering. They were promoting their own guts to fly.

As I spoke. With a whiteboard marker on hand. I created a dot. Then, let them stare on that tiny dot. Amidst the wide-white whiteboard, I let them stare for a while. Five seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes and bang! Everyone is attentive, making no sounds.

Lectures. Making sentences. Acquiring new vocabularies. Making use of the time.

Role playing. Oh, they all love that!

I act as the loud, giant elephant in front and at the same time the Water Ox roaming around. They act as the Little Antelope and throw the spear up high. Counting, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10…as fast as they could before it reaches the ground.

There’s laughing, there’s drama, there’s conflict, there’s sharing, there’s love.

In that classroom.

The only witness.

Is the teacher’s table.




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