The best thing about morning with music?

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Humans nowadays have that capacity to be relieved by music and other forms of musical genre that rubs their ear from side to side. As they say, music is the most powerful form of art in the world. You could be able to reflect and release all your thoughts, ideas and perspective once you hear a lyrics that interests you. Perhaps, we are all singers in our own standards of singing. We deliberately choose music we prefer, listen to it and wiggles our butt or sway with its melody.
The best thing about morning? Well, it’s not just your frappe coffee in Starbucks. It is not just your daily outfit while riding the train. It is not just your bicycle gracefully crossing the busy streets. It is not just the kiss from love ones. It is not just your high heel nor your rugged-shorts. Not definitely your braided hair nor your side trips and street pumpkins salad. The best thing about morning is the ability of your eardrum to process  beautiful music. Ability of your brain to process lyrics and react towards it. The best thing about morning is the simplicity of thoughts while you’re listening to a radio station, dvd players, your old stereo, mp3 and other channels of music.
The best thing never comes from richness, it’s the freedom you’re establishing while actually eating your favorite burger in the bus station. Music never comes to life, it gives life. To all the wrecked soul, broken-hearted, lifeless human all over the world, it’s their ultimate release of emotions. They create a utopia even to the innermost darkness they are registered in.
If music gives life? If we are elated by authentic music we have saved from our mobile phones and MP3? How about if we actually have listed songs of praises and worships? How about if we sing up to the bottom of our throat —lyrics which will lift our spirit. Not just the sole of our shoes but our soul! Singing and worshiping packed in one. How lovely the earth could be. We sing with faith. We don’t  just have background music of guitars or tambourine but what we have are the trumpets from the heaven above.
I love sipping my coffee while indulging to a mini-concert of  our Lord every sunrise. We are delighted by sounds that pleases our ears and stimulates our brain to relax. How much more if we sing those lyrics by heart and especially dedicated to Him—our creator.
So this morning, everybody get up if you love Him ! Everybody get up if you praise Him!

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