A magic pill called “hug” ♥️

This post is inspired by my colleague yesterday. She has that welcoming spirit and joy embedded in her eyes when she came over me and throw a hug around my back. And I asked her why? On my mind, maybe there’s a good news or something remarkable happened. She just burst out, “I’m just happy today, and I think hug could release and transfer the joy I’m feeling to someone else.”

Very true. 😊

A simple hug could really mean a lot to someone else especially if he/she is amidst trouble and loneliness. Perhaps, these people are depressed in some areas of their life or disappointed on things…yet that hug could change their gloomy day to a brighter one.

Hug is scientifically proven as one of the expressions that convey comfort and safety. It is as if, you give a refuge on someone else. Protecting and caring them from all negativity that tries to drag them down.

You will never know how your hug means to someone. Perhaps, it is time to spread love, to our family, to your mom/dad, to your siblings, officemate and friends. It is time to show kindness and compassion through that wonderful hug. An energy boaster form of comfort.

Here’s your hug,

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