Have you ever caught in a party or situation where you dressed up in your fine-velvet clothing, mixed up with your dangling jewelries and silver high-heeled shoes. Your face was flavored by colours and different tones of foundation and you even curled your eyelashes. Your lips kissed by a maple-red-sweet hue and showered with a morning perfume bliss. Your image was entirely changed compared to regular days because you make an effort for that occasion. But the thing that breaks your heart is the fact that “NO ONE HAVE EVER MADE AN EFFORT TO APPRECIATE YOU NOR SAY A COMPLIMENTARY WORDS TO YOU”. On that single day, you’ve been imprisoned by their ultimate form of  “I will just ignore and even I saw, I won’t speak” ideology.
There is power in appreciation. I believe every single person in the world were victimized by this cultural chain of declining words of appreciation which supposed to be produced by our mouth. However, our mind recognizes the beauty or positive things that we’ve seen to another person, yet we sometimes put a blockage on our mouth to speak it out. Perhaps you have that co-workmate that excel on his career or hit the highest gross of the company. You’ve know that you should congratulate him, yet that simple words didn’t come out from your mouth. You have that friend who has talent that you also adore but you didn’t say a word of compliment, you just treat that talent as normal form. Your group mate just solved the most difficult problem in Math Class, but no words of support has come out from you. Your junior made an accomplishment and persevere with his skills, but neither tap his shoulder or make a small talk about that never been realized. You’ve put a corner to yourself  and limit your ability to speak; particularly in speaking words of appreciation.
Did you know that we’re all bounded by our own mind-set? It is hurtful to say but the truth is…we are all guilty of this crime so called SELFISHNESS. We think of ourselves as greater than our peers that leads to self-proclamation, in the same line judgement to the characteristics and skills of others.  Until, our self- gratification and self-esteem becomes higher like a mountain; there we think that others won’t never be greater than us. I know, we’ve come to the point we’ve ticked the “i’m better than you” button once in our life. But, in the middle of your race, you’ve realized that there was never a better thing in your personality and you just envied others. You compete and  run the race vigorously without minding others as they fall down the ground. Selfishness  have over throne you, thus sense of appreciation that is pivotal in human life has been powered off  deep inside you.We now that there is something wrong within us, yet this fleshly human weakness instantly slay our ability to consume  and perform compassion.
I tell you my dear friends, frowning will never bring you treasures. Your friends and peers need you. They need your compassion. They need your appreciation. Maybe, from that very moment you ignore your workmate, he has already that thought in mind of ending his life. All he needs is a single person who could appreciate him and will tell him that he is not only a dust here on earth, that he is someone worth to love. However, you choose to ignore and bring back the dust bin of selfishness.
You cannot underestimate the power of  appreciation because from that single deed emerges love. We  are created by God to love one another and work together as a group for His Kingdom. There is no such high and low grounds…we’re all equal in the eyes of the Lord. Spread love and appreciation rather that hate and jealousy. Peace, hope and love may dwell in your life and you will see how  beautiful it is to live. To spend the life without judging others but upholding each other’s weakness and appreciating the favor that the Lord granted each one of us.
May you be blessed.
You’re an awesome creation of God.
You’re talented.
You’re beautiful inside out.
You’re a total genius!
I am so proud of you.
You did a great job!
You have a beautiful hair.
You’re becoming fit compared before.
Nice choice of earrings.
You’re gorgeous in that purple dress. 
You are loved.
May these words remain a fertilizer from everyone’s heart.  There’s a lot more ! I’m pretty sure you will be happy to hear or receive these appreciation and compliment, but let’s start it from us first. Let us become the sender of God’s message of Love.

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