There’s a season for everything

There is a time for everything. I believe in that. Our life is not just a mere plain road to take, it is so full-packed with amazing surprises and twist. There are roads not yet taken but just waiting for your presence to come in. Like a crossroad, we never know what’s ahead of every pointing arrow. Perhaps, you might get confused by the pros and cons embedded on each track. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to keep going and be smart in choosing your path.

There are times of happiness, struggles, disappointments and success. There are times of forgiving and asking forgiveness. There are times of giving love and receiving love. There are times of laughter, there are times of tears. There are times of coming back and leaving things behind. There are times for sacrifice and times for receiving blessings. There are times of planting and time for harvesting. A time to take a leap and a time to wait for a moment. A time to rebuild hope and a time to let go. A time to wonder and a time to take refuge. A time for the family and a time to be independent. A time reflect and a time to understand life in a much introspective way. A time to learn and a time to teach. A time to be a child and a time to act maturely. A time to build trust and confidence on ourselves. A time to fail once we rely on our strength. But, a time to regain our strength by God’s grace. A time to fall and a time to reach the peak. A time to discuss ideas and a time to be silent. A time motivate others and a time to be motivated by peers. A time to appreciate your own weakness and make it as your strength. A time to keep going…even the trails are in broken pieces. A time to add and a time to substract. A time to help and a time to offer a helping hand.

Whenever you are right now, always remember that this current season of yours is just a preparation for your tomorrow’s appointment. God is preparing you for something greater. He has given us our purpose. We have to let go of anything that hinders us to grow and get closer to God. He has purpose in everyone of us. Differently, creatively and productively beneficial to His Kingdom.

Your season as of now will not be the same yesterday , today and tomorrow. Let us be open on how God changes us every now and then. Little by little, He is creating a wonderful masterpiece through our lives.


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