Here I am again guys! I’ve been here in Thailand for almost 2 years now. Thus, observing Thai Culture and pointing my toes on roads and places are sweet experiences for me to remember. So, here I am tracing footprints on places that Thailand could offer.
When your feet and taste buds long for an adventure, get up. Pack up your things, camera and energy to explore the heart of Bangkok. Better see the outside than be consumed by the four corners of your room.
This thinking leads me to write my experiences in Chatuchak. I believe this could help people, residing here in Thailand or those who are planning to visit the country.
Chatuchak is considered to be one of the famous place here in Bangkok. As a tourist, your trip won’t be complete if you missed to troll on this marked “must visit” place. Chatuchak is accessible in almost different type of vehicles. It is just situated along the skyway, BTS Mochit Station.
I have provide a map for you below:

There are variety of activities that you can do while in Chatuchak. By the way, Chatuchak is subdivided into parks and market. It has a colossal land area which caters form of tourist attractions. Here are the list you could try. Enjoy! 😊
You could be a sailor for an hour by maneuvering your own rented boat. It costs 40 baht per person. Boats are designed for kids and young adults at heart, ducklings figure or various colored boat can be rented at a cheap price.

Piled-brick bridge connecting the two sides of the park will surely brings you to London inspired theme atmosphere. While we are enjoying paddling it is quite tricky and needs teamwork to pass through its tunnel.

A common sight of big lizard which were all scattered in some areas of the park. Basically, they were on their siesta time near the moisten edge of the lake. It is really awesome to see that animals can live in a place where noisy streets and sky ways are just meters away. That’s how I adore Thailand; bringing forest and green pasture in the heart of the city.
chatuchak-park (1)

For one hour using our feet in maneuvering this duckling’s boat was absolutely tiring but a good exercise for the heart. A series of laughter. Stop. Pause. Strategic planning. And then Go. Nice to have a best friend who took the half of the duty and strength just to see our rented boat sail away the shore. Haha.
Bikes can be rented from 20-30 baht each for your whole day service while indulging in the beauty of nature and green tapestry of trees along the biking lanes provided by the park. Bringing your friends and family will definitely adds fun.
14542524_1173947112643692_7055836512831702346_oWhile inhaling the fresh air with the scented breeze of summer, your biking moment will be such a fresh start. In fact, you could achieve that koreanovela’s biking experience. It is somehow a muscle and body works plus serenity of the atmosphere to give peace to your inner self.
suan_rot_fai_parkchatuchak-park (3)

Passing through the sheds, palms and vines of variety of plants surrounding the park gives a refreshing and abounding coolness that runs all over your system.

Chatuchak Night Market  must never be on your bottom list because this is really a “haven” for pasalubong. From trinkets, t-shirts, bags, hats and many more in affordable prices. You could save money while shopping when you know how to bargain. You really need an extra power for this since sales attendants are mostly Thai. So, you better have  knowledge for the simple Thai numbers for a better result and discounted deal  afterwards.

Earrings for all ladies out there for only 10 baht each piece!

Calling all food lovers! Your taste buds will be satisfied by the delicious and specialized rich organic delicacies here in Thailand. Street food comes in variety of choices. But if I were you, try it all my dear! For food bloggers and enthusiast, this is a must visit.

I hope you’ve gain some insight in my blog. If your planning to visit Thailand, try to pin down the place I’ve mentioned. You will never get tired to experience those things cause culture is embedded in food, cuisine, people, clothing and activities. Assimilate and connect in Thai ways now.
Cheers for more!
(credits : google for some photographs)

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