Today,  I was reminded that all things or sudden situation that breaks my peace of mind is not my battle at all.  It is not mine. Problems, thoughts, future, conflicts, dilemma, misunderstanding, misjudgment, misinterpreted actions, undelivered messages, failed conversations, broken relationships, dreadful confusions and various forms of negativity…is not mine at all.

If you are also having a current situation that you think you can’t solve by your own might. That you think your own strength is not capable to build walls to protect you and your family from problems. That there is nothing you can do but to lay down and be drowned by anxiety. And you are becoming hopeless walking down the aisle of wilderness. That you can’t control the things around you. That everything seems to be breaking down in front of your weary eyes. Situations that sometimes provoke you to decide on things without proper precaution. That sometimes, you just draw back from people and sadly from family because of “brokenness” and “unforgiving spirit” within you.

You are being tested in so many ways and the battle becomes bigger, fiercer and tougher as you come to God more. It is as if all circumstances put you down while you are trying to stand still and move forward. The arrows of this world are pointing against you. Perhaps, your health, job, relationships, opportunities and decisions are being drag down. You’re thinking that maybe this is not God’s will for you that’s why you could feel the uneasiness and sufferings along the way.  However, as a Christian  be reminded that there is season of pruning, strengthening and purification. We are all walking on this pathways; plain, rough road and sometimes surrounded with cliffs. But, God is deeply concerned for us. In every battle we are facing, He is with us. It is His battle.

The good news is that He is a victor! He had won the battle a long time ago when Jesus Christ sacrificed himself on the cross to give us our salvation and freed us from sins. From every battle…God is our strength. He fights with the enemy around us who tries to distract and steal us from His presence. God is our ultimate war companion but it doesn’t mean we are just going to stand by and wait for Him to finish the battle and solve every problems in our life. He needs our help. Our prayer is His power! The heaven rejoices upon hearing our praise and worship.

We are powerful because we have our mighty living King who is fighting for us. This battle, your battle, our battle is not ours. It is Lords. We just need to lay down all our burdens to Him. By prayers present it to Him. He is 24/7 ready to listen. He is with us. We will never fail in every battle if we put our trust to Him alone.

With love,



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