Time to strike away your Self-doubt ✅

Once, twice, thrice…these are numbers of opportunities that knocks on my door since the beginning of Year 2018. A chance to grow and gain more; financial, experiences, potentials and professional growth. All chances that lead me into somewhere else. A new arrows that directs to new path.

In this timeline, I believe all of us are going to cross this situation in life where career is a really big thing that requires a smart-decision making. That is how millennials nowadays try to prosper in their undertakings. Perhaps, you’ve been also in the midst of this situation or have been through this. You also have story to share and experience to tell. But sometimes, although the surroundings tells you that you can do it…your own doubtful thinking drags you down. They are cheering you up and they’ve been supporting you all through out, however deep inside you is the garbage of negativity and doubts. Your family, friends, colleague appreciates your potentials and skills but still your own agree button fails to appreciate your own work.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are variables in achieving one’s goal. These are the prime “two wheels” that will let you stride to a place of unknown and unfamiliarity with bravery. Sometimes, you know you have what it takes to have that position and opportunity but due to lack of self-confidence and self-esteem you have remain stagnant in a certain place. Chances has been wasted as you wait for a more “self-satisfying” version of yourself. You make a certain standard powered by your own criteria for yourself. It is so magnificent and vast that you cannot contain and you just remained a dust inside your own universe.

You’re thinking that you are not enough. That your experiences are just so little compared to others. You don’t have any special skills. There’s no edge in your presented resume. You are not qualified. You’re just a little sprout in a massive forest. You’re dry and not creative enough. You are someone that still needs improvement. You need more practice in your stuff. You are not worthy. Geeezzz! A lot of ideas that has been trashed inside your own mind. A massive turbulence of negativity and self-doubt.

If you are right now feeling this way, it is time to renew your mind set. It is time for you to step forward and be reminded that you have all what it got to receive the blessings and opportunities from God above. We are all equal in His sight. We are uniquely created with different purpose in life. Your talents and skills and your life is a wonderful creation. Don’t waste your future because of your own built walls of self-doubt.

Live free. Create freely. And let God’s will and provision guides you along the way.

With love,


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