Trust His Will ✔️😇💯❤️

No matter how high the bamboo is, there is always a time for it to bow down and remain quite for a while. The silent ground embarks its unspeakable joy once the shield from a bamboo shoot shadows its withering sprout. The same as life, we come across different fields and levels of career nourishment. We have develop the grounds of standard life where our job comes to the point where we already memorized every inhale and exhale time slot. We have already adjust our senses into the chronological order of the priorities and we already filled out our “to-do list” with a cup of coffee to celebrate.
Until the point of familiarity deepens, while the root deepens, somebody will pull you up and place you to a new ground. It might not be the same texture of the soil, yet the same challenges for you to grow and yield.
Things  from today, yesterday and tomorrow might be different but the Lord is telling us to be prepared at all times. We never know what His plan is, but definitely wherever He leads you to something, if it is His will,  you are going to prosper.
As the Bible verse reminded us;
Resulta ng larawan para sa bible verse god leads you to something you will excel
Resulta ng larawan para sa bible verse god leads you to something you will excel
We might be place in a situation where our own mind refuses to take, yet the Lord is reminding us that there’s something that He wants us to do. Maybe, new peers will emerge, new opportunity, new life lessons that will refresh our spirits. The Lord is developing us into someone who can stand on different grounds; whether it is a desert, rocky mountains, grasslands or cemented-city-grounds. Trust in Him.

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