Views about Equality

I recently encountered a statement online by a famous personality that for you to be able to be heard by many, WRITE about it. It made me think that, this situation could be addressed in a professional manner when I format these voices through letters.

Okay, let’s make this simple by writing the iceberg anomaly deep seated on this present humanity. Equality which was historically won but presently stained by many. Equality in a form that values and respect to others are integrated in every situation. Equality in a way that we make a certain effort to serve people in every sides of the world equally. In a manner that race, religion, gender, differences, cultural and educational background, work, wealth and status in life are not the basis of our treatment to other people.

It makes me sad to see and experience inequality in various ways and situations. That seeing people in a low perspective is so easy to establish nowadays. That we easily judge people based on their looks, their jobs description and their race not by their mere capabilities and contributions to the society. Not by their might, knowledge and experiences but their low case rank in a community. Not by the greatness of their love and compassion but their levels in a group. Not by their ability to change and influence people in a good way but their skin colors.

People usually establish these leveling treatments gradually in this present community. This clips off all the determinants why a certain “person” is important in a society. Usually people see the front page of a person depending on their race, levels and their weakness. They usually advertise the branding system, made by their own criteria of the most valued product or group of people. Taking care of people who are on top but neglecting and never introspectively evaluate those at the bottom part.

Like an iceberg, we are struck in an awesome way by how gorgeous the top point looks like, but taking for granted the people who are working at the deepest section. Saying that we understand them but never ever able to truthfully be part of them. Words of appreciation are just like a surface icings of cake, never even reaches the bottom. Sarcastically and comically underlying the words of discrimination in a piece of cupcakes. Promoting equality in journals, talks and daily conversation but actions were completely different.

We could feel that. The moment when “caste system” controls a community. Releasing a bond of different groups and rankings rather than promoting the diversity and harmonious environment. A place where everybody could feel that they are existing and their worth is appreciated. Appreciation in a genuine way. That everyone is equally important.

I am here writing and praying that through these words we could conduct an introspection within ourselves. Yes within ourselves first. Are we really promoting equality among our peers or we are all clouded by our own build criteria of “appreciation determinants”. We think of other people as small and with little capability but not really knowing their roots and skills. We fail to establish the essence of equality in humanity.

It is really time to evaluate ourselves. Are we seeing and treating people in the same way or we are just establishing inequality subsconciously? Even we see people on their lowest ground, there’s no ticket for you to diminish their worth.

At the end, no matter how successful , powerful or how rich we are, it will never makes sense once we leave the world. It will never be written on our grave. Your name, your dignity and how people see you as a person will remain. Everything that you have today will fade, but your identification with the people ( how you affect their lives) and the Lord is the most important thing.

Let’s spread genuine respect to the world and to every person . It really matters today.


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