We can overcome ! ✔️💯

Everyday in our lives, we commit mistakes. We sometimes barter our real happiness and joy to something pleasing and pleasurable at the moment. Then comes to the point, we questioned our self worth, our ability to remain righteous and pleasing to God’s eyes.
We are being attacked by guilt and frustration. Eventhough we try to stand up, sins in our human flesh just pushing us back to the ground.
Temptation to commit sin is always there 24/7 . It pays regular visit to each one of us. Hence, it always knocks you down somehow without even knowing it.
We are easily tempted by power, overused of social media and electronics, procrastination , laziness, money, body desires and a lot more that gratify our earthly desires and feed our human flesh.
Once we swim in the regular bathing pool of sins, we tend to give our own judgment with regards to it. We somehow sugar coat things and letting our mind twist the right thing and what is truth. Instead of reminding ourselves and getting off from things that make us sin, we justify ourselves. By saying words to lessen the guilty feeling.
Everybody is doing it…so why can’t I?
Everybody is drinking alcohol in school, why can’t I?
Everybody is addicted to social media, why can’t I?
It is normal to lie, just one time.
Everybody is indulging to premarital sex, why can’t I?
Everybody is party goers and hard drinkers, why can’t I? Just one bottle, maybe.
Everybody gossips, why can’t I?
Everybody loves to consume their whole day digging their finger to electronic gadgets, why can’t I?
Everybody do bad things to other, why can’t I?
We compare our own walks to other people that’s why sometimes we fail to overcome temptations and sin. Instead of focusing to our God alone, we tend to look from our left and right where we see bunch of people who have their own weaknesses. Instead of empowering ourselves with the shield of righteousness, we fail and give in to temptations. We adapt the sinful acts that the world is generously offering.
Then we see ourselves standing low, being guilty and feeling unworthy for the love of God. We tend to refuse the mercy, grace, love and the salvation that God through Jesus Christ is freely given to us.
There is always a U-Turn brothers and sisters. God is reminding us that his unfailing love will never forsake us. He is the God who forgives and loves. If your start is not good enough and you fail, try again, next time with God.
God loves you so much. ♥️
I love you, with the love from God.
Gemma ♥️

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