What does it take to become a teacher?

Once you decided to bear the name of being a teacher, it means your life. Yes, your entire life that could either mold or break the surrounding particles (your student). It is the most dangerous job ever. Why ? Because we are dealing with the most sensitive and fragile unit of our society — the children and our youth. It is like doing an open heart or brain surgery procedure. First, we put and introduce emotions in their heart and mind. We have the power to grow love at the same time bitter thoughts on them. We teach them everything in this world that we’ve know; academically and philosophically. In our own hands, we mold their perspective in life. Some decided to be a doctor, pilot, teacher , soldier and nurse because of our stories during class. We have the power to change their mind set. We could make them as kind as a sheep but our words also could make them as hard as a bull. We, as a teacher performs a pivotal role in molding their personality. We know their weakness, it is up to us as a teacher to reinforce and motivate them. They could easily fall into a deep cliff brought by these modern world, yet our guidance lightens them up. They could make their growth through our facilitation in learning. However, let us never forget their individuality and uniqueness. Give them their space and freedom to learn about life. Teaching them to be holistically developed, with a kind heart, mind and soul. Feed their mind with knowledge but never scarce their heart with compassion to others.

Understanding their weakness and strength. Listening to their stories. Giving not only your eight hours of teaching but also parting your heart. It is not easy to become a teacher. It is like a weighing scale, you will try to balance everything. You will balance yourself and the numbers of student you have. They are all seeking for learning in various ways. They need support, academically, physically and socially. Every child has a unique reason why they see you as their teacher. Being a teacher does not only mean cognitive source of information. Sometimes, you need to be a source of hope, laughter, happiness, guidance, peace and love.

Yes, being a teacher will take your whole life. Your passion and love for these kids will keep you going no matter what happens. The salary might not be equal to your effort, but the satisfaction you receive while affecting student’s life is worth a golden bars.

We hold the key for them. Our job as a teacher is so intricate. Every wrong moves and words might dim any child’s future. We could create an engineer but we could also produce a hopeless child in a group. It depends on how we treat every child. We could either mold or break them.

As a teacher , our commitment in putting up the trails for their future is so relevant. They walk through their dreams while we teach them the lifelong process of learning. We teach them to be independent in a way that their respect to others, self-concept and values are properly integrated in every success they are receiving.

We touch their hearts, we shake their mind. As a teacher, we are all doing these things at the same time. Whoever they are, whatever their family background is, their culture and their races…we are all have to do our job to instill learning and love.

Proud to be one.

Teacher Gemma here ♥️

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