What I love about weekends…✅

Here comes Saturday again. A time to celebrate with a mug of hot chocolate or coffee. A rest day for all who are working for 5 consecutive days. A day which you could sleep until 11am without being disturbed by your alarm clock. A time to stretch and yawn and roll and hug your pillow and be a caterpillar for a while in your cozy blanket. A time you are allowed to be lazy without being anxious about it. A time to relax, listen to music, dance in your own beat, think, meditate and reminisce. A time to make plans; short term and long term plans. A time to do your personal stuff; creating albums and journals. A time to reflect and weigh things that needs your decisions. A time to be yourself. Yup. A time granted to be on your vantage point without the tail of stress of weekdays. Lovely Saturday!

May you savour your weekends! Enjoy!

Gemma 😊

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