What is it about Japanese?

Many things, opportunities, people, situations made their facade in my 2020.

I am forever grateful for all these things.

On my list are the Japanese people that I recently met. One of them, is a family whom their warmth and welcoming spirit feels like I am home.

I happened to teach a girl named Hana, she’s such a respectful and lovable child. My 8 hours working time at school, tiredness is replaced by excitement whenever I have schedule to tutor her… at their place ( Japanese home). Her mom is such a thoughtful lady. I loved her presence inside the house. Food and everything, laughter name it, it’s all there.

I just want to impress how Japanese culture is, that when she forgets to offer me their indoor slippers, it’s a big deal to her. She keeps on apologizing which makes me feel welcome and special. It’s on the tip of my tongue that I want to tell her that I don’t use indoor slippers in my house! So, it’s fine. Haha.

The fun won’t be complete without Hiro. He’s naughty but such a sweet little boy who loves playing robot and other machinery at home. I feel like he will become an engineer someday. It is because of his love to fidget many toy gadgets and build it into something.

Their family is such a blessing to me. It’s like another avenue to laugh and have some fun. Our communication barrier sometimes, is just one to laugh about. I am just grateful of how Hana ‘s parents trusted me. She even open a door for me to know more Japanese families.

I believe it’s not coincidence for me to be with these people. There is something that God has planned for me. I am forever blessed, that in this foreign land, I found another home 💙

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