What makes up true happiness?

In the long run, you will just realize that you are not really happy. That all these things are just superficial, untrue and just a cover up to show off.

People are usually deceive on how the world portrays happiness. Our society speaks about money, material possessions , fame, friends, stable job, successful relationships, education, travel goals, twitter and IG likers, power and influence as the key factors to achieve happiness. However, all these things are undoubtedly will fail to give you a real and genuine happiness.

Try to go back to the list then ask yourself. Do you really experience a deep joy inside your heart, peace in your mind and unexplainable happiness in your spirit by acquiring all these things? All these things that are temporal, diminishing and unpredictable?

Here I am on this piece of written work to share to you how I’ve felt and experienced happiness, a real and genuine one.

As I’ ve run towards maturity and gaining more experience about life, I have seen that nothing could ever compare the joy that I have found in the Lord. Five years ago, I’ve listed things that I am desiring to accomplish. As the years passed by, I am putting check on areas that I have achieved already. But, it doesn’t satisfy the happiness that I am looking for. There’s still uncontented heart on me, still holes and storms of sadness. Then, I realized there’s a missing piece. The binder and the ultimate oasis of real happiness.

I have found it.

“We can find TRUE HAPPINESS” in Jesus not in the world.”

People changes, you will encounter heartaches, betrayal, broken relationships and many disappointments and failures in life. As you move across from one point to another, you will taste bitterness and hurtful feelings. However, if the love of God is somehow carved in your heart, you will definitely make this dark to light. Every struggles and trials are along the way to teach you something. Once you have put your trust to Jesus alone, you won’t fail. The road might be rough yet His mercy and love will let you experience success and happiness.

As the bible says, happy and blessed people are those who are merciful, meek and pure at heart. Beyond all our trials in this wicked world, let’s put our heart and mind in achieving these qualities if we really wants to experience genuine happiness.

Positive outlook in life leads to happiness. Our relationship with the Lord, leads to happiness. If we make Him as our priority, other things and issues in our life will just flow in it’s correct pathways.

Happiness that comes from the Lord will satisfy you.”

Let’s put our full confidence and trust to the Lord, not on people, not on ourselves. He is the ultimate happiness we could ever have. I have experience the real joy that He has brought in my life, I am praying that you find it too.

Let’s all desire to dwell in His house forever.


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