I came across variety of people residing in one workplace — our school community. As my mind wonders of how a simple question could intervene a peaceful mind to a rattle-thinking-mind-wresting answer-me-quickly-question. I’ve seen how my respondents deliberately roll their eyes while thinking what would be the most accurate answer or must to say…answers that really determines their heart and mind. The answers which will reflect their inner desire and collate their whole-being in a one singular word.

My question is made up of simple structure of sentence. Triggering someone’s emotion and figuring out what really makes them feel that way. Reflecting and evaluating the past, present and their future to lead them in answering my sole question.

What makes you happy?

It has been my joy seeing students at their young age engaged in my own initiated small talk. They speak to illuminate their childhood without pretense. Simple things have been derived from their mouth. With that quick and sometimes pulled-out from a deep well answers, the innocence have been portrayed in their answers. What makes you happy?

Food, chicken, curry rice, football, video games, dinosaurs, new notebooks, my mom and dad, friends, books, chocolates and candies, computers, no Chinese class, no home works, dancing, singing, I phones, lunch time, snack time, new soccer shoes, money from parents, slug stickers, Japanese noodles, k-pop and this blog’s space is not enough to mention all their answers… lol 😂

It ‘s really my delight when these kids pronounce the words with enthusiasm and sometimes with a look and gestures that tells me..there’s a lot more. Wanna know? However, some of them needs an allocation of space and time (20 secs ) to mention what they really wants to make them happy. Maybe, sometimes because things and situations just flows on their life normally, they don’t even bother to recognize and appreciate those simple things. There’s a kid who captures my attention when I asked him the question. What makes you happy? He said…“NOTHING. I don’t know! “ At his young age, he don’t know what will make him happy? I thought kids are just simple and easy to tickle and find humor in many things. However, it put me to realization that kids truly vary. Or perhaps, due to pressure and stress in school, his joy in life were sublimed and put into deeper concept just like an adult.

In the same sense, how about adult’s way of finding happiness? What makes them happy? As my question swirled along in my community I’ve garnered various response. Not like how kids responded on my question in a blink of an eye, adults seem to take longer time to put into words what really makes them happy. Their answers complement the deep plastered desire of happiness. Family, Holidays, an hour of rest, longer time for sleeping (actually even 5 mins nap in the middle of work will do) , job, people that surrounds them, food, money, financial freedom, promotion, flight seat sale, chocolates, ice cream, soda,  laughter of  love ones, shoes and bags, love life, dreams coming true and many more.

As I’ve recollect those things, there’s a massive gap and difference in answers between adult and young ones. Of course, they will vary base mostly on their experiences and predominantly because of age gaps. But there are things that will remain simple and uncontrolled variable among adults today; it is even the world and life seems complicated they will always cling in simple things to convert negative vibes to positive one. Someone just told me that when the world or her workplace frustrate her, she finds happiness in just a cone of ice cream. This is reflected on the saying that adults will always remain child at heart.

Most of our young ones focus mostly on the edible and visible things on earth while adults realize that happiness is endowed on things unseen…but felt. I am really touched by some of the responses saying that they are happy because “God loves them”. I agree to that. Is it amazing and such a heavenly-feeling when you know that someone loves you even you don’t do anything ? A free gift of love? Even you think your life is just a big mess and if it is cut to halves,  it will just contribute to massive collision of smog. But, wow! It is just so mind-freezing that even you’ve sinned, there’s still God who hugs you and take good care of you.

I still remember how stars and moons at night draw a smile on my face. I still remember that single day when fog and dew touches my nose and cheeks while my eyes navigate on the beauty of the mountain and rivers. Those things contribute to my back-pack of happiness. Then, now as I’ve continue my career in teaching, my happiness goes on with the kids. Their whole well-being has contributed a significant impact on how I see real happiness. That happiness just not only rely on the picturesque beauty of nature, but it rely on the lives of those young ones that we could reach by our loving arms.

So, if  students will ask me. “Ms. Gemma, what makes you happy?”  

“It is YOU.” 

I am thanking God for this life.

Be happy. You are blessed.

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