When a cloudy bubble engulfs you, quickly get a way out !

Hovering through the piles of cars, buses and taxis. Waiting for the most dearest form of freedom, chances and respect amidst the busy lifestyle of both hands on wheel (drivers) and passengers/commuters. In the shredding of traffic lights as the cars move, stop and slow down. We can never understand its significance unless we are manipulating the wheel itself. Sometimes we’re being self centered and short-tempered when our lane is burst out with colony of vehicle. We cried out for our own egoistic multitude of reasons that plots our own needs. We fail to understand that people riding on different confinement has their own multitude of reasons as well. We fail to understand that we are living with different stories crafted on different type of papers yet our needs and wants are designed perfectly the same as human beings. Once this area is purposely clot and we triggers one’s bubble to pop…there comes the venom of clash. Misunderstanding, self-confinement and crippled-social life enter their ways on your brain and within a minute will cause a sudden malfunction in your heart.
I personally don’t want any system of my body malfunctions. In that sense, I learned through experience that in times of conflict and trouble, it is better to seal our lips. Guard our tongue and speak no evil words. Trust me, that emotion of yours will fade yet the harsh spoken words will remains. So be kind because we will never understand other people’s story unless we’re unto it.
At the end of the day, when your heart will be cleared up from those trash… our love for one another will over throne any conflicts. We will understand all these things including the significance of patience, self control and forgiveness once we learned how to love one another as we love ourselves.
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for ruling over my heart and mind. Renewing my spirit through all these cloudy moments of my life.

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