When being a teacher is your calling yet you've crossed a different bridge

Have you ever wonder what’s your purpose here on earth? What’s the purpose of your existence? What’s the benefit of the whole humanitarian from you? Are you living with a  purpose? Or you’re  just an  organism composed of atoms and DNA?
Perhaps these mind dodging questions might lead you thinking…how did I consumed my life here on earth? Is it worthy? Is it for the common good? Does it satisfy  my desire? Do I embedded my heart in everything I do?

                    “When being a teacher is your calling yet you’ve crossed a different field.” 
When you have everything. You have your diploma carved the word “CERTIFIED TEACHER”. When you have been a board passer for the said profession yet you’ve  pushed yourself to a different field where you don’t have the rigorous idea about the job description. It’s like paddling your boat while looking at the map cause you don’t know where’s the north and the south.
I’ve been a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education- Major in English ( School year 2014 ). Hence, after graduation I’ve all packed my things and jumped-off to Manila to pursue a different career. I was so exhausted by chalks, blackboards, and lesson plans by then. All I want is to be totally free from this responsibility. I didn’t even finished my review for board exam in our school and just returned for the examination date itself. While my classmates were busy looking for schools where they can be deployed…I am also busy sketching the ways on how to fled the town and be someone else than being a teacher.
I am a girl who visions a lot. Even universe is not enough to handle my dreams and aspirations in life. I want to be a photographer. A writer. A backpacker. An artist. An NGO volunteer. A comic artist. A nomadic person. An architect. An astronaut. I want to pursue all these things! I know, it is somehow crucial to pursue all these things if I am only given a limited number of years here on earth.
I am a teacher yet I pursued a different field. Yup! I did that. From almost two years I found myself in a family of Sales Department in one of the prominent private company in Metro Manila (Valenzuela City). Every morning, I did see myself crossing the streets with my bicycle. I smiled and greeted every people. I buy my own coffee and buy a small talk as well with the  Manang Tindera. I also paused for almost 10 minutes at the outskirts of the street before crossing over  and continuing my pedal until I reached  the  green gate of our company. What’s crazy about that thing is that  my bike doesn’t  have buzzer, horn  or signaling device with loud sounds  that would catch the attention of the guard’s on duty…so I just knocked. Thankfully, all guards in the company has been used to with the situation.
I parked my bicycle. Grasps some sunlight for a moment. Smile with my co-workers. Throw some “Knock-knock” and jokes, however majority of these weren’t reciprocated with claps and  laughter.  So, I just laugh all by myself just to give justice on what I did.
I sat on my computer table. Answer telephone calls.  Feedback  queries from thread of emails. Coordinated orders and sales from the production department. I have been serious for a couple of moments yet I laugh most of the time. Being happy as a Sales Assistant Coordinator has been easy for me, cause when the people around me don’t bring  happiness…I just created it within myself first and freely give the rest of it among the group.
My job line does not totally deviate from my registered profession as a teacher because I am dealing with people as well. The different thing was, I am dealing with numerous people with huge name in the business industry and with age (same as my father and grandfather ). I am dealing with clients who owns their own company, Sales Executives, Managers and randomly take concerns from international client. I can say,  the opportunity lead me to the realization that my job waddles in a vast sky.

I am with my family. I have my  supervisor who really strives to duplicate her knowledge and skills on me. I have my co-office mates who drives me well and I really enjoyed their company. I gained friends, crushes and Nanay/Tatay instantly and even Lolo. I am so blessed that even I’m a hundred miles away from my biological family…I have found one here in Metro.
This job also benefits me to travel and make a weekend adventures and get away. I am elated that I have friend who has the same feet as mine. From mountains to sea, they were such a great league.
There is always a reason why I am in a different industry . Why I’m not taking the same road  like my  college friends who are now in their second year yielding the profession. I am totally proud of them cause they have already pursued what they really love to do.
If being a teacher is my calling, why  I am here? Haha! I’m telling you, knowing what you really love to do is a battle. It’s a cross roads. It’s a choice. Yeah… I really love teaching yet I doesn’t realized what my heart’s desire during the time I received  my diploma. I realized it as the time goes by. From the usual moments when I see children  passing by with their school uniforms, when I see a child with a pen vandalizing on walls, from the typical situation I see a girl with her book on top of her head —from there, I told to myself—maybe it’s my passion and calling.  I see myself with given skills to share and teach people yet I am walking farther from that vantage point—teaching.
I have a lot of dreams to do…I really love to write and hopefully be a paid blogger and travel the world.  I even applied as a writer in ABS-CBN  (prominent TV Station). Yeah ! I’ve been wrapped with guts during that time. Well, nothing is impossible as the Lord said.
At the same time, be an astronaut!  Yeah…you read it right. I want to be an astronaut and kiss the comets and greet satellite above the atmosphere. Well, perhaps if the Lord’s will  is not similar with mine…I will just describe stars and milky way with my words.
I believe I’m not the singular person here on earth who experienced  this kind of scenario. From day to day, we are facing a small and huge of decision makings. It may either gradually change your life or it will slowly lead you to the road you want yourself to be fitted.  But one thing is for sure, every experience and moment in life are destined to happen. Our choices in life will definitely shapes us to a person we want to be. Just handle the ups and downs of your ship with passion. When you are driven with passion and anchored with values and determination—Eureka! You’re in the right track. So keep going. While you’re young, explain the unexplained theory, eat the exotic food, drive a vehicle going to North, love the unloved, watch movies , leave your comfort zone with your backpack, be happy and be a source of happiness. The world is so large. You’re so small. Don’t bother yourself by world peace. Be at peace with yourself first. Live life with a meaning. You’re profession doesn’t matter. What important is…you are driven with your purpose in life. Don’t loose  your grip to the things that will makes you happy. Bon voyage!

I have a free feet and a complete gear to realized all of these. While I’m writing the very last word of this article, I believe what my heart’s desire will be granted by the Lord.

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