When Christmas season feels like an accumulated Fridays! Like a double belgian-cheese-beef burger!

There goes Friday…there goes the idea of more sleeping hours and more time to savor the morning coffee in your veranda, more reflecting moments and more “my space and own pace” time. Cheers to the more of those things that you’re less doing during the weekdays. Finally, the routine was blocked even for two days.
The cold-winter-freezing months has finally give its whirlpool breeze as it defines the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season. Well, it’s December! And Mr. December will be knocking on our door 12 hours from now. Are you excited? I guess, we’re all like that 90’s kids who loves to bring Christmas spirits in our own little desired way. We are all looking forward for those colorful lights and huge Christmas tree’s display. Even it’s still August… the excitement cannot be confined because we are counting off the remaining days. The Christmas spirit in the Philippines (my own native land) is far more different than here in Thailand. I had already missed one Christmas celebration last year  since I found teaching job abroad. But, this month will never be the same. Time to go back, time to relax and time to bond with the family! Truly, it’s not easy to separate from your beloved especially if it’s miles away from them where bus or jeepney coudn’t send you off when times of loneliness strikes.
I’m really excited about the idea where I could savor the taste of “pandesal” while dipping it down to my hot chocolates/coffee drink. Listening to old songs and Christmas Carols while waiting for my mother’s special delicacy. Oh! I really missed being a daughter, spoiled daughter? Ahhh, nope! A loved daughter, indeed. Haha!
I don’t know about that mystery when it comes to Christmas. It feels that things were made to be simple and happy. Where laughter is everywhere and the yuletide season is visible in everybody’s smiles. One thing is for sure, we’re celebrating this to proclaim that Jesus Christ, the King and Savior was born. This is the ultimate good news worth sharing.
Happy Holidays Fellows ! 🤗

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