Wherever you go!

You may cross a lot of paths here on Earth. They were made up of different clay forming a solid, plain, bumpy, muddy and sometimes rusty  sheets of roads. Sometimes, the situation may lead you to certain end point where no other means of transportation could take you to the nearest safe plateau. This is common. I know. For me and for you.
We were born to make a choice. We are truthfully blessed to receive the gift of free will. I could say our destiny is affected by what we do today and depends on our choice we made. I know this world offers  billions of possibility coherent with billions of  paths we may possibly be in to. It all started in the first time we blink our eyes and choose to cry when we were born in this world. During the years we crawl for toys and submerge our tiny feet in a muddy backyards. The time we choose to lie than to tell the truth to our mom that we are the culprit of eating the reserved desserts for the guest. The time we choose to be isolated by the group during the elementary days. It is where we choose to envelop ourselves with friends we believe with the same aura and personality with ours. The more our life complicates so as our age. Our hearts and emotional stability drastically change. We begin to feel the black and white. The stomp in our hearts and the blush in our cheeks when we choose to have a crush on someone. The time that we strive for education at the same time to have fun with our classmates during weekends.   It’s part of our choice. Living to have a certain goals in life has a great impact as to what our choice in life will be. If we choose to have a good life for the next ten years of our life, we learn to prefer the good paths. But we have to be aware by these paths, sometimes the “so good to be true” ways are dangerous. As we grow in a mature physique; physically and mentally, we could sense that this world doesn’t offer the bed of roses. It is also surrounded by torn.  You cannot see a road fully furnished without blemishes. All roads has something to offer. It has a two classification of  temor  waves; we receive its calmness yet we could feel its tidal wave. We need to be prepared and wise in choosing and walking in every path. If you can feel that the path you’re  walking into right now is letting you shrink back rather than uplift your faith that there’s something at the end of the road; try to have a U-Turn. Refresh and be revitalized. Our God wants only the best for us. He is the lovable Father that He doesn’t what us to be crumpled along the way. But in some instances, when we find ourselves in a situation we’re broken and wasted. It is the perfect time we lay down our lives to Him. He is the God of forgiveness and restoration. All your worries will be wiped away the same as the sand blown by the misty wind. You will feel the peace of the ocean and sail in the boat with the best navigator of all time…Jesus.

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