White Pebbles Beach : CamSur at its best !

My spirit is quite elated today since I’m going to feature a nature dwelling place nestled from my own beloved province — Camarines Sur.  Since we’re going to dance with the rainy season, why not spend the rest of the summer days visiting White Pebbles Beach at Bagolatao, Minalabac, CamSur? You wish to apply a doze of sun kiss on your pale skin from a boring summer  homecation? HAHA. Definitely you have to try this dude. Forget about the unread books  under  your lame bed. Get rid of the same old routine. Wake up not just to wake up but wake up to feel  the season of summer !
It will not eat your precious time going to the shoreline locale of Bagolatao, Minalabac.  Actually if you’re from Naga City it will just take  1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the place. Since I’m from Bula (nearby town of Pili ) we’ve paved the way of Pili Centro and drove almost 2 hours until we consumed the last string of meters of the place.
We’ve rented small nipa cottages to cover us from the raging sun during noontime. It also costs us Php 500 but the most amazing thing is that the entrance fee is FREE. We’ve jumped in the sea shore and grasps the salty air breeze at exactly 8 am in the morning.

Instant model for sweet-watery melon. HAHAHA !

I have the chance to look closer to the daily routine and life style of the natives there. As the geographic location pronounce ; their way of living is through fishing, selling dried and fresh fish and boat rentals. What really surprised me a lot is that as early as 9 years old…children there can now negotiate rentals of boat persuasively. Well, perhaps it’s just the entertainment seeing a child becomes a sales representative in his own little way  that’s why we accepted the offered boat ride. This is  an  amazing story to tell  especially to those spoiled kids residing in a comfortable life and spending their whole day with their Iphones and mobile games.
The best thing about summer vacation is spending it with the family. Maybe you have been in a various  and remote places all over the Philippine islands yet the happiness and enjoyment is peculiar when your family is your companion. It really sounds HOME.
Bluish stray of sky reflects the amazing plateau of the body of water. It is  truly a crystal clear for you can see your feet paddling under water.
Sedimentary rocks such as pebbles contribute to the magnificent feature of the place. They vary in sizes  yet the singularity of the peebles and stones that composed the long-shoreline is its white tinted formation of stones and rocks. You can also have a native natural massage by just lying among the peebles and walking bare footed .
Renting a boat is somewhat adds to the excitement ; from the shore you can do island hoping. Bangkeros offers two sites adjacent to the resort ; the cave and a waterfalls. You can be mesmerized by the surrounding beauty of the ranging hills , rocks  and cliffs.

Just for Php 30/ person, you’ll  have the chance to dive and explore the nearby island.

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdvThis photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv
I am still in awe while having a 360 degrees gaze around the area. It’s a melting pot of natural resources ; from greenery lush mountains up to the bluish skyline and salty stroke of the sea. What can you ask for? It is a literal glimpse of a little paradise.





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