Why let them steal your peace?

The world we are living right now is so powerful that it could crush the different dimensions of our life. It could dictate how you react on situations, how you behave and see life. It could act as an imaginary facade of perspective…a stressful perspective if you missed out sighting the positive. It could be an electronically-generating-invisible problem connected in your mind. It could haunt you mostly on the deepest corner of your solitary moments. The word ”lies” transcends on both sides of the world. It flaps in front of your weary eyes and whispers on your ears.

Problems, anxiety, struggles and over-thinking will rule your life if you submit to the pressure of this world. There are people or situations that come along the way to teach you lesson by means of giving you difficulties and sufferings. But, never let this situation dictates and revert of who is inside of you. It is natural in this world to encounter difficulties, frustrations, hatred and rejection. However, it is not natural as a ”Son of God” as a prince and princesses of the Most High to give up and lose your peace. We are given the authority to break down the chains of negativity. Break down the spirits that continually tapping our shoulder. We are an over comer, we are powerful, we are victorious because He already won the battle for us. Let us claim in every beating of our heart that the Lord Jesus Christ is within us. Never let that dwelling light dims because we are recharged by His grace and by His love.

It is just so amazing to think that in this world, though evil is trying to perform tricks on us, we are still SAFE in God’s hand. His shadow is our fortress. If the world is so overwhelming, if hope cannot be seen, just REFOCUS. Don’t set your eyes on that single stain and dark spots. Focus on the Lord, His love, His forgiveness and His victorious battle for us. Don’t be slave by your past, by the people whispering at your back that you cannot do things, by the evil one that drags you back from your old self and from everything that blocks your way towards God. You are so blessed! You are LOVED : )

Nothing could take you away from God’s love.

Stay on His presence. Head held high, focus only on Jesus Christ  alone and never look back.  You are safe. There is a genuine peace as you surrender everything to Him.









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