Why not cross the street and ride a bike?

City of Manila, Philippines is widely known among those urban areas who struggle everyday in an exhausted heat and traffics. Daily commuters always  complains on poor services  of Philippine government pertaining on ways to lessen the burden of their day-to-day horrific and stressful scenario. Some were stuck amidst the longitudinal trails of buses, taxi, tricycles and other forms of transportation facilities. Well, it might totally beat your “temper” if you experience a travelling time of 4-5 hours if in fact you can travel 1-2 kilometres in just 30 minutes! You know on what particular place I am referring to? EDSA.

Typical scenario in Edsa highway during peak hours.

It’s already given! No one can be exempted to be affected by this 21st phenomenon. Traffic is like a continuity of everyone’s navel. The question always rely on the standards and ways on how lessen this burden (to lessen the sweat as well).
I would love to share the idea of riding a bicycle while going to work place, school, church and any other places you have business into. Why not? Other country is doing this. Why not push it and make a try?
bike 3
Personally, I rode my bike every morning going to office. It’s fun! I swear!

What are the benefits of moving from one place to another via bicycle? First and foremost, it is a form of exercise and an avenue of self-reflection. Well, almost all the time, I day dreamed while I’m riding my bike. A lot of things comes running on my brain as my feet is busy paddling. I think of my dreams, family, my boss, unfinished  documents, crush, career, favorite coffee, next destination to travel, poem to write and many more! Wooow….it’s always a boomerang of cruddled aims and hopes.
bike 5

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