WORK POST: Don't let criticism and negative comments bring you down

We are all desiring to achieve our highest stats in our own work post especially if it is really our passion. However, there are circumstances that even you are striving harder to attain those goals, there will emerge some hindrances in the form of other people, situation and possibilities.
You are trying to build a better kite and fly it with those strong thread/string yet somebody or situation will just cut it off.
You are trying to make a good impression on people and to your boss for a good evaluation however somebody will just bring you down.
You are making your best to excel in all the areas of your job yet the appreciation never at your glance.
You didn’t even have your breakfast just to make it on time, yet gossips and negative comments break you apart.
Work place is like an ecological system with living and non living things working together as one. However, these things sometimes fails to work unitedly that causes the break down or clogging in certain areas.
If you feel like you are losing hope. If you feel like being burned-out from the criticism of other people. If you feel like giving up because you cannot mend the gossip about you. If you feel like your grade will be below the standard and on that lowest rate because somebody just dictated it without knowing your working attitude.
We are not a people pleaser.
We are not created to please them and make a good impression to every single person in that four corners of your workplace.
We are made to live by our passion.
Not just to be stressed out and convince others that we are capable of doing things.
We are here to express not to impress.
Don’t work hard, just work smart.
If people from your outside see you as a nobody, people who truly appreciates you will see you as somebody with a gift and skills.
Just live and love your work. Make it as a training ground. To learn things and to learn people’s characteristics. You will definitely learn a lot of things.
Never let negative comments bring you down. Don’t let anyone else pull down your dreams instead fly it high.
Chatterbox will just be creating noise from the inside. If being brought out from the light, they will just be swayed by the silence and truth.
You know yourself better than them. Mostly, even when you don’t say a word people who truly loves you will understand and will be your protector in various situations.
Take courage.
I know you can do it.
Bloom in a way that you don’t take away other’s dignity and pride.
Be brave!
Work with passion.
Strike away negativity and keep going.
Still on my work post,
With love,
Gemma ♥️

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