WORRY WART: unboxing problems and prayer

Last few days, I’ve been burdened by things that are not yet happening. It terrifies me while thinking about the sudden changes it could create once realized. Truly, life is made up of all streamlines and complexity. It has been a battle, struggling to overcome the common me style of worrying a lot. If every second of worrying will put wrinkles on my face maybe I’m two times older than my actual age.
I believe, this situation is not solely flew on my shirt. I think, many of us bears the stain of being a worrying addict. We are troubled and burdened by the people that surrounds us. Sometimes, we overthink situation and solve the uncovered case. Those issues that are not yet happening yet we resolve it in our own way. Consuming our brain cells rapidly by thinking of formulas and solutions.
It is so weird that people usually take in charge on other’s problem. That makes their brain a double-pound-trouble-patty dish ready to explode. Then they will be complaining that they were being stressed out by life…because they usually claim the whole universe. They want to take control the whole system and the universe!
We are only endowed by a singular mind. If we put other’s life script on it, i’m pretty sure it will be a mess.
So, if today you are burdened by someone’s problem maybe…just pray for it. Pray to God. Speak to Him the things that troubles you. He is the creator of all things. He knows what is the best thing to do than doing it by our own.
Trust on Him alone.
God bless 😇
Please give your brain a break. Worry Free !😅

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