Writer’s Cap

It’s been an awesome week for me. After all the schedules and flights, a news has just waved me back and offers and undeniably huge opportunity for me to bloom as a teacher and as a writer. It is not just the usual “me” thing, writing what is on my head…but it is an expanded version of being a writer. It will becomes more objective type, more people will be involved including co-teachers and students, and for sure a lot of communication to be taken care of.

I’ve been living my dream to become a teacher/writer. I usually put into words everything and every perspectives that I have. But right now, the opportunity just opens a new door where my passion will be multiplied to other students. They have given me  trust to create a “Writer’s club” and a league that will be holding a pen and a mouth to speak for the whole school. It will be a huge responsibility especially it will also be a new environment for me. New people, new culture and a new responsibility. However, it is all founded with my passion in writing and in teaching so I believe if God has given me this…He will surely provides me strength to do it. Here, I will be acting as the Head Editor for a school publication. Building a boat where students will be there to enhance their paddling styles in writing and discover their love for it. I just hope that this will be successful through the blessings coming from the Lord.

Every child has this creative side on them…my only duty is to wake it up for them. Shake it until those thoughts become words written in a paper. I am praying that this will be an experience filled with God’s guidance and provision.

I know there is reason and purpose for everything. I was moved to this place because I have to do my purpose and maybe motivate and inspire other’s as well. My world is becoming bigger as I age. Haha! But, I have this confidence to face it because God is with me. He provides my strength and knowledge to do all this things. Believing that all the plans that He has for me is only for my own good.

Time to wear my writing’s cap again. In a new and expanded version.

Love with a pen and coffee at hand,


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