Yes! I am loved. And I am in love.

When you are in love, you cannot help but to speak about it. That spark on your eyes and that luminous smile painted on your face marks an evidence of  special joy veiled within. Incredible feeling that enunciates the deepest proclamation of happiness. I probably fall into that category of being in love. Yes! I’m in loved.
I never felt this kind of peace and happiness before. A kind of joy that no man could take away from me. It is like a feeling while in a hammock swayed by summer mountain breeze. Everything is relax and sweet. Stress free and contented. Yes. That’s a sign of being in love.
I was in love and moved by His promises. Promises that human could never attain, yet words with authority vindicated by LOVE. Once I was emptied, lost in a desert, nowhere to go..but He found me. The love that could never be seen in this world. A sacrificial love that goes through my sins and cleanse it by His grace and love. A love of the King, a love of a Father, a love from the Almighty God.
Beyond every trials and objection from the world, even our feet may fails…He is so mighty and strong to hold us high.  Never lose hope. We are all adored by Him. By His grace and love, salvation is showered upon us.
Walking in the world full of deception is not easy. We fail, tempted, sinned, suffered and condemned. However, Lord Jesus Christ is the complete opposite of these. He is the genuine love, King of peace, our joy, our savior!
I have completely understand and compared my life from the time I am loveless.  Powered by these negative feelings;  anger, bigotry, blame, cowardice, critical,  depression, dishonesty, envy, greed, guarded, hatred, indifference, intolerance, irresponsibility, jealousy, pessimism, prejudice, pride, resentment, revenge, sadness, selfishness, skeptical, suspicious, thoughtlessness, unemotional, and untrusting.
But since I let God take control of my life, slowly those negative feelings were mended and love over throne negativity residing on my brain  and heart. I know it is not easy to change, but God is so powerful that we’ve thought we’re not worthy, but He loved us so dearly. He cleansed us from all sins and continually reminding us that His love is perfect. It is free–a genuine love from a Father.
“I will call upon Your name. And keep my eyes above the waves.” 

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