From your hair , your facial features down to your toenails. You are just made so precious and beautiful as a living handicraft by God. He adorned you with that lips to be filled with smiles and laughter. That cheeks for a cute pink blushing. That hand for many magnificent works that you could do. That feet to explore the world and make new stories and experiences. That loving arms to extend love to your family and friends. That eyes to mirror all the kindness, care and love. You are blessed with that ear to listen and somehow be a comforter of those who seems hopeless. You have that wonderful heart capable to love billions of people. You are genuinely , intricately and amazingly created. You are so beautiful. Because you are a woman of God. He created beauty within you more than anything else in this world. You are a valuable creation. You have that beautiful soul residing within you. Put it in your heart and mind.
You are beautiful inside out. ♥️✔️💯😇

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