You are worthy

If you are asking yourself right now if you are still worthy of everything. If you are still entitled of God’s love and mercy. I would just ike to tell you, behind all the mistakes, shadows of sin, falling short to God and troubles you’ve made…God’s love will always wraps you up. It covers everything.

Let us not fall on the devil’s scheme. Telling ourselves that we are unworthy to be called as a child of God because of human nature. God makes every imperfections on us to be perfect in His sight. Through Jesus Christ’s blood, we are redeemed from the valley of death and damnation. We should always keep in mind that we are already a God’s loving possession. We have overcome eternal death since we’ve known and believed in Him. God will never forsake us. He will make us new and He sees us as His child wearing the whitest robe in heaven.

Don’t ever doubt anymore. He loves us more than we do. His love endures forever. Let us create the foundation of love and intimate relationship with the living God. The world will fail us, mark us as unworthy of everything, make us doubt of our capabilities, it brings hopelessness and loneliness. But, God…changes every dim lights to its powerful supply of hope, love,faith and peace.

You are worthy.


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