You are not a puppet that need to be dressed up by people."Less stress. Less heavy clouds of thoughts."

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Maybe it is not an ordinary days for you during a rush hour  when a stranger bumped at you yet doesn’t even show an apologetic look. It is not as new as a shirt that sometimes on our way we crossed path with someone we’ve know and smile at them yet they don’t even care to smile back (ouccchhhh!). Haha! Perhaps, it is not as crispy as potato chips when we try our best to dip our fingers to a certain group of people and try to blend with them yet we feel isolated and quarantined. It is as if we need to test our own impulses  through a  personality testing machine and give our own medical history and DNA to a “Big Wig” so that his fellow will let us enter their own build repertoire. Sometimes we try our best to negotiate to the world that we are  doing our best to fit on their social norms, to be polite and friendly at all times. Yet…after all of this. After doing the accepted culture and standards of people around us, inside of us is an unknown longing of self-acceptance.
Sometimes for us to feel an outside claim that we are accepted by the society we want to be in, we leave ourselves behind. We capped our own torch. Our own source of light until our own shine has gone. Instead of rebuilding an abundant fire we  prefer to follow the towering lighthouse where all the seafarers like us  choose to reside. Our uniqueness and self identity were all put at stake because of the word “pakikibagay”. It is so hard to live in a world where all are dictated by cultures and standards of being socially accepted.
What  if you try to give a huge smile to your co-worker yet you’ve frozen to death because that colleague has ignore your flashing well-planted teeth? Does it affect your entire day? What if the bus collector has raised his voice to you because you’ve given a big amount of money early in the morning and he instantly put you in shame to the rest of the passengers? Are you going to be crumpled by anger too? What if your boss examined your presentations and frankly rejected your proposed project? Are you going to boxed yourself and label your own box with capital letter scribbled (HOPELESS). What if your friends forgot that your there and he/she is busy with other peers? Are you going to dig a narrow hole and create your own grave of jealousy?  These are just a few question marks which require your own choice of what and how to react in some stressful situations.
This is what I could tell you, sometimes we ought to give ourselves a break. A recess time for all the things that corrupts our mind. To have a better life , we need to build a good lifestyle. Not just in physical aspect but in general terms including your definitely advance-result-oriented mind. It is okay when someone ignores you. It is not the end of the world. It is okay to encounter disappointments sometimes because it’s an emotion uploaded in a dictionary so we need to experience and use it. However, do not live in a world where all your steps from left to right are according to the acceptable behavior of the people around you. It’s better to be you. Less stress. Less heavy clouds of thought. Just smile and face everyday with refresh spirit. Your not a puppet  that need to be dressed up by people  according to their chosen character instead you dress your own protagonist character in your own story.
Be CareFree!

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